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candela gentle max laser system dcs

Candela-Gentle Max Laser System-Dubai Cosmetic Surgery

Professional Beauty – market-leading beauty and spa magazine for Middle East – published an article revealing the usage of latest laser system at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery uses…

Introducing Dr. Juan Tadeo

Ab Chiselling Arrives at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery | Newsline

  For all those seeking six-pack body, but have failed to achieve the desired shape can now benefit from Ab Chiselling, offered by Dubai Cosmetic Surgery. For the first time…

10 craze khaleej times

UAE’s Men & Women on the Perfect 10 Craze – Khaleej Times

Like any other part of the world, people of Dubai are also crazy about altering their facial features and looking young forever. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic…

optimism reigns supreme as new year dawns

Optimism Reigns Supreme as New Year Dawns

As 2015 dawned, The Gulf Today interviewed successful people from different walks of life to know how optimistic they were and what exactly they were looking forward to in 2015.…

want a Brazilian butt

Want a BrazilianButt? You can get that in Dubai

Last year Dubai Cosmetic Surgery introduced “Brazilian Buttock Augmentation” for the first time in Dubai, and the news was covered by Sassy Sally, a Canadian blogger, living in Sharjah. Brazilian…

laser therapy for stretch marks

Laser Therapy for Stretch Marks

Another post by the Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, published on Sassy Silly’s blog in October last year was about Stretch Marks Removal. The clinic offers latest laser technology to erase these…

considering hair restoration

You Should Start Considering Hair Restoration

Sassy Sally’s blog featured Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in its November edition as well, this time citing top reasons for hair loss. Shedding a few strands (up to 100 hairs)…

losing a strand of hair

Losing a Strand of Hair here and there is Completely Normal

Mother Baby & Child Magazine also published a blog written by the Dubai Cosmetic Surgery’s Head of Hair Transplant Department, Anisa Vrabac. The feature covered top reasons for hair loss.…

laser therapy for Stretch marks removal

Ultherapy: Hollywood Hottest Beauty Secret Arrives at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

NewsLineMe published a news on October 13, 2014 that covered Dubai Cosmetic Surgery’s decision to introduce Ultherapy in the United Arab Emirates. It is first of its kind skin tightening…

all natural & chic brazilian gluteal lift at dcs

All Natural and Chic Brazilian gluteal-lift at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery introducing Brazilian Butt Lift was also covered by the NewsLineMe. The news story covered Dr Juan Tadeo’s comments about the Brazilian gluteal-lift. The clinic introduced this all…

introducing dr Juan tadeo

Introducing Dr. Juan Tadeo

NewsLineMe published Dr Juan Tadeo’s profile on October 20, 2014. The profile included every notable aspect of Dr Tadeo’s professional life, from his medical degree to specialization in surgery to…

laser therapy for Stretch marks removal

Laser Therapy for Stretch Marks Removal

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery’s Laser Therapy for Stretch Mark Removal was also covered by the NewsLineMe. The news story included different causes of stretch mark appearance and that how lasers work…

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